Many of our clients have focused on new build homes in Florida, either for a Holiday Villas to rent out to help cover the costs or because they want to choose everything that goes into the home. This includes the size, design, floor plan, etc. 

Our initial conversation will cover things that you might not have considered, such as quality of the builder, custom vs production builder, short term rental approved community, etc. Getting this step correct for the home and builder that fits you is critical. Florida has a bit of a reputation as the Wild West, thus it is critical that we bring you up to speed on your choices including builders to avoid, and focusing on communities that fit your requirements.

The next step when you are looking at Florida property for sale and after you have chosen the right development is to choose the right plot:

  • Should you insist on a south-facing plot for your Florida property so that the pool gets the sun all day long?
  • If you’re a feng shui fan, you will probably want to consider a plot where the front door faces east.
  • Do you want a plot with conservation views or that backs onto water?
  • Are there any extra charges (“lot premiums”) for the best plots?

Once you have chosen your plot for your Florida property, the next choice is the floor plan:

  • How big a house do you need?
  • Will it fit on the plot?
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want?
  • Does your Florida property need a pool?

Next comes the real fun part . . . choosing the options. These often include

  • Carpets
  • Tiles
  • Cabinents
  • Light fittings.
  • Cooker
  • Dishwasher
  • Referigerator
  • Microwave oven.
  • Washer and Dryer.

Often you can upgrade some of these, but be careful because it is easy to get carried away and spend far more than you anticipated on your Florida property. Some upgrades may add value to your home so that it is easier to sell if the time comes:

  • Tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms, if not included in the specifications.
  • Upgraded cabinets above the basic level.
  • Upgraded taps and light fittings (but these can be less expensive if fitted after you have bought the home).

Finally, we will work with the new home sales person to prepare a contract and check that your selections have been accurately recorded and priced (and that they are within your budget). Usually you will finalize the contract and go back home to the sunny UK! Our work has just begun, as we will help you co-ordinate the build to ensure it goes smoothly. Having a set of eyes to oversee the build gives you added peace of mind knowing that someone with, “Boots on the ground,” is working on your behalf.

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Very excited by our new purchase and cannot thank you enough. You were such a help through very unfamiliar territory. Would be more than happy to act as a reference any time.
G.K., Kent, UK

You helped us from start to finish and beyond . . . from finding and choosing the plot through to furnishing the house and helping to set up the utilities once we had closed on the home – a “one-stop shop”. You made it all so smooth and trouble free for us. We were so far away in the U.K. . . . I don’t know how anyone does this without your help.
B.R., Derby, UK

Chris helped me to build my real estate holding from 0 to 5 homes worth almost $1 million dollars in just over 3 years, including 3 Disney Orlando Vacation homes. All were sold for a profit, which I give credit to Chris, who knows the Florida Real Estate market so well.
Anne S. Orlando

It looks so easy from the Internet sites. And some other Realtors play down exactly what is involved. What Colin showed us and what he did meant that we were kept informed at every stage. He made sure that we knew what we needed at each stage, from buying through to setting up the home and managing it the most effectively. We want to thank him for everything.
V.B., Exeter, UK

We just want to say how much we value the work that Colin did for us. His advice helped us to avoid what could have been some big mistakes and he showed us how to find the place we were looking for – or rather, the home that best fitted our plans both now and in the future. It’s amazing, looking back, how much Colin’s challenge to our preconceptions changed our thinking. I’m delighted both that we were referred to him and that he continues to give us support when we require it.
R.H., Oxford, UK