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Florida Property For Sale:
Here's All You Need When Buying Property in Florida.

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Beach Retreat

Kissimmee.             420k

Beach Retreat

Kissimmee.             420k

Beach Retreat

Kissimmee.             420k

Beach Retreat

Kissimmee.             420k

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Buying Florida Property

Posted on March 4th 2020

The buying process from start to finish: questions to ask, financing, case studies, and more.

Specific Homes & Communities

Posted on February 19th 2020

Individual communities plus search current listings via the Realtor system (the “MLS”).

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More information on buying a home in Florida

If you need more information on buying a property in Florida, give us a call.

New Construction

Posted on March 9th 2020

Why buy new instead of re-sale, choosing your new home, some “must haves”.

Owning / Selling

Posted on February 24th 2020

Maintenance issues after buying your home, plus what to do when it’s time to sell?

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