Although furniture packages for Orlando vacation homes cover all the essential things, there will always be some extras that you need to buy:

  • For instance, many (most?) packages only include one king size bed in their price. If you have more than one Master Bedroom, you really need to put a king size bed in each as this makes it more attractive to guests where there is more than one family renting the home. This way there is no problem over who gets the best bedroom!
  • Other items that packages don’t always include are plastic tumblers and plastic wine glasses for use in the pool area. These are a must as you cannot see broken glass in the water and you don’t want any stray shards on the pool deck either.
  • Something else you may consider providing is pool towels to save your bathroom towels from being spoiled.
  • Most DISNEY ORLANDO HOLIDAY HOMES have a TV in every bedroom and a large flat-screen one (the larger the better – at least 50 inches if not 60 inches or more) with  and a DVD player. Some also have a Play Station or other game system.
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet access is virtually essential these days, so plan for that when setting up your utilities.  Some owners used to include a computer in their homes, which brought with it a lot of potential problems such as malware and updating.  In these days of iPads, smartphones and tablets generally, wi-fi access should be enough.
  • Make sure you have enough pool furniture. Furniture packages only tend to give you a table and 4 chairs and 2 loungers. Depending on the size of the house you should consider buying more.
  • Help to finish off the décor by softening the windows with “window treatments”. These can be simple and inexpensive or more formal and expensive but they do make the home look more complete.
  • Try to think of the little things you and your guests might need that are not in the general package such as a pizza cutter and ice cream scoop. You’d be amazed at some of the items your guests request!
  • Many holidaymakers now prefer to rent FLORIDA HOLIDAY HOMES that have a “Games Room”. It is quite easy to turn your garage into a Games Room and you can either do it yourself or there are companies who provide such a service.

If you want more information or help on “must haves”, please Contact Us.

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Very excited by our new purchase and cannot thank you enough. You were such a help through very unfamiliar territory. Would be more than happy to act as a reference any time.
G.K., Kent, UK

You helped us from start to finish and beyond . . . from finding and choosing the plot through to furnishing the house and helping to set up the utilities once we had closed on the home – a “one-stop shop”. You made it all so smooth and trouble free for us. We were so far away in the U.K. . . . I don’t know how anyone does this without your help.
B.R., Derby, UK

Chris helped me to build my real estate holding from 0 to 5 homes worth almost $1 million dollars in just over 3 years, including 3 Disney Orlando Vacation homes. All were sold for a profit, which I give credit to Chris, who knows the Florida Real Estate market so well.
Anne S. Orlando

It looks so easy from the Internet sites. And some other Realtors play down exactly what is involved. What Colin showed us and what he did meant that we were kept informed at every stage. He made sure that we knew what we needed at each stage, from buying through to setting up the home and managing it the most effectively. We want to thank him for everything.
V.B., Exeter, UK

We just want to say how much we value the work that Colin did for us. His advice helped us to avoid what could have been some big mistakes and he showed us how to find the place we were looking for – or rather, the home that best fitted our plans both now and in the future. It’s amazing, looking back, how much Colin’s challenge to our preconceptions changed our thinking. I’m delighted both that we were referred to him and that he continues to give us support when we require it.
R.H., Oxford, UK