Our role is to offer start-to-finish help through the whole process – and we enjoy getting feedback from our international clients:

If we hadn’t had these two people helping us through the process it would have been a nightmare! You don’t realize all that is involved to get the finished product. They checked everything along the way, sent photos of progress, recommended furniture people and sorted out niggling problems that would have been impossible to deal with from the UK. They didn’t seem to mind when I asked where to get fans etc. after we had closed on the property. In fact they were “bloody marvelous”!

C.M, Cheltenham, England

When we started to look for a vacation home, we were confused by the different locations and the claims of the various websites and Realtors that we came across. And visiting the new home models only made things worse, because they all looked so good. We met Colin when we rented a home that his company managed and we mentioned out interest in buying. Colin was able to give us an insight into the various communities and types of home, plus he answered all of the questions we had and more besides. When he showed us a number of properties he pointed out the pluses and minuses of each. His business and accounting background was extra valuable because we were able to understand in advance both the full costs of buying and the economics of ownership after that – something that other sellers had only given us a sketchy picture of. Colin was with us through the construction and closing stages and has been a great support since we bought. His assistance was invaluable.

J.W., London, UK

I met Colin and Chris 5 years ago when I was in Orlando to buy my first short- term rental property. As a businesswoman I appreciated their direct, challenging approach and their professionalism. Since then, I’ve bought more holiday homes through them and so have a number of my friends and business associates. They have never steered me wrong and in every case have gone above and beyond expectations. I trust them implicitly and would never use anyone else when buying property in Florida.

B.M.S., Canada

You helped us from start to finish and beyond . . . from finding and choosing the plot through to furnishing the house and helping to set up the utilities once we had closed on the home – a “one-stop shop”. You made it all so smooth and trouble free for us. We were so far away in the U.K. . . . I don’t know how anyone does this without your help.

B.R., Derby, UK

We just want to say how much we value the work that Colin did for us. His advice helped us to avoid what could have been some big mistakes and he showed us how to find the place we were looking for – or rather, the home that best fitted our plans both now and in the future. It’s amazing, looking back, how much Colin’s challenge to our preconceptions changed our thinking. I’m delighted both that we were referred to him and that he continues to give us support when we require it.

R.H., Oxford, UK

We really appreciate your honesty. We highly recommend you to anyone who is thinking of buying a property in Florida.

L.G., Scotland, UK.

How can we thank you for all your hard work when we bought our Florida home? Your patience was limitless which was just what we needed as we had two very young children in tow! What’s really appreciated is the way you have stayed involved even after we signed the contract and we remain friends 5 years on.

B.G., Scarborough, UK

I have been impressed how much an ‘outsider’ cares . . . if only I would have come to you first.

P.G., Herts, UK

If not for your blunt advice, we would have bought just what the salesman recommended and then regretted it forever.

S.K., Reading, UK

It looks so easy from the Internet sites. And some other Realtors play down exactly what is involved. What Colin showed us and what he did meant that we were kept informed at every stage. He made sure that we knew what we needed at each stage, from buying through to setting up the home and managing it the most effectively. We want to thank him for everything.

V.B., Exeter, UK

You gave us just what we needed – a clear view of everything from start to finish and support at every step.


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